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When was the last time you had to buy a new car? As the owner of a business, I have to invest in new cars pretty frequently in order to keep our sales force mobile. For a long time, I would invest in older cars that I thought were a better buy, but after awhile I realized that putting a little money into high-end vehicles actually paid off pretty well. It seemed like the cars would last longer and we didn't have to worry as much about repairs, which was a huge relief. My blog is filled with great tips for choosing a great car.


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3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Engine This Spring

Here are three different ways you can take care of your car this spring and make sure that your engine is running smoothly.

#1 Change The Oil

It is vitally important that you get the oil changed in your vehicle on a regular basis. When you get your oil changed, you should get a sticker that tells you either the mileage or date when you should change your oil again. Pay attention to this sticker and be sure to take your vehicle in when you reach the mileage or date that an oil change is recommended, even if the two numbers are not the same, go with whatever occurs first. For example, if your sticker says that you need an oil change in March or when you reach 170.000, and it is already April but you are only at 169,000 miles, take your car in for an oil change.

Make sure that they change out the filter when they change out the oil in your vehicle.

#2 Check The Spark Plugs

The second thing that you need to check on your vehicle are the spark plugs. Spark plugs are very easy to change out; you literally just pull them out and push new ones into place. However, this is a repair that is easily overlooked.

First, check and make sure that the spark plugs are not cracked at all. If they are cracked or damaged in any way, you are going to want to replace them. Second, make sure that the sparks they are producing are blue. Yellow sparks as well as no sparks are a sign that the plugs need to be replaced. You can also use a voltmeter to make sure that they are putting out the right amount of energy.

#3 Drain The Transmission Fluid

Finally, you are going to want to drain the transmission fluid. This is a good task to do on a yearly basis. If water or particles get into your transmission fluid, it can cause damage to your engine over time.

The best way to prevent this type of damage is by completely draining and replacing the transmission fluid in your vehicle at least once a year, to ensure that no water or other impurities are in your transmission fluid. Throughout the year, it is okay to top off your transmission fluid as it gets low; however, it is also important to drain and completely change out the transmission fluid at least once a year as well.