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When was the last time you had to buy a new car? As the owner of a business, I have to invest in new cars pretty frequently in order to keep our sales force mobile. For a long time, I would invest in older cars that I thought were a better buy, but after awhile I realized that putting a little money into high-end vehicles actually paid off pretty well. It seemed like the cars would last longer and we didn't have to worry as much about repairs, which was a huge relief. My blog is filled with great tips for choosing a great car.


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Think Your Brakes Are Loud? Get to a Mechanic to See What the Real Problem Is

Do you hear a squeaky noise while you're at a red light or cruising through the drive-through of your favorite fast food restaurant? If so, this could indicate that you have a problem with your brakes. It should seem easy to realize that there is a problem with your braking system, but not being able to stop isn't the only indicator that the pads, system, or fluid needs looked at. Here are some things to know when it comes to putting the stop on bad brake maintenance.

You Should Check Your Own Fluid

With many vehicle models, it's easy to be able to check your own brake fluid levels. Just because your car isn't giving you a light that says the levels are low, doesn't mean that you may not have a problem. If the fluid is low this could be causing the squeaking or grinding, and it indicates you have a leak. You will want the system to be looked at to replace the fluid chamber.

Bad Brakes Can be Noticeable During Acceleration

Not only will a car shake or grind when you are attempting to brake with bad brakes, but it can also do the same when you are accelerating. If the pads are worn down to the rotors, metal is grinding against metal to try to stop the car, and these can still be grinding or rubbing on other things while accelerating. These noises indicate new pads are needed, possibly new rotors, or that the brakes are out of alignment or damaged.

Sometimes Pads Aren't Installed Properly

Just because you went to a professional mechanical shop to get the brake pads replaced, doesn't mean they were put on properly. Unfortunately, if they weren't installed as needed they could quickly wear unevenly or even fall off, causing the problems that you hear and feel not.

Find an automotive shop that can get the brakes looked at for your own safety, and see if there is any type of leak or braking problem that you need to deal with. You may want to spend the money and invest in higher quality pads if you are someone who is heavy on the brakes when you are driving, or if you would prolong shop visits to have your pads and rotors checked. Having good brakes is essential for being safe while driving, so get a good brake replacement as soon as possible.